Friday, October 4, 2013


You know you have heard and maybe even seen other's transformations.  You have seen a Biggest Looser episode before... Everyone has seen before and after photos of someone who has changed their physique in a magazine, or online.

How many of you thought, "someday that will be me" or "yeah, right, that will never be me"?

Well anyone can have a transformation.  Sure, there are always physical transformations, but the more amazing transformations are what happens on the inside, and the journey you take is more powerful than what you look like at the end.

There is something so powerful in reaching a goal, sticking with the journey.  OF course your transformation is not always smooth-sailing... you will struggle.  Just because you started out to transform your life does not mean that the path will always be easy to travel on.  Is anything worth having worth struggling for?

I transformed myself a few years ago.  YES it was easy at times, and hard at times, but it was worth it.  The lessons I learned far outweigh what I looked like at the end.  I learned what I  could overcome, what I could resist... how far I could push myself physically and emotionally... and the farther I stretched myself the stronger I became.

Now, here is the part I enjoy the most... HELPING OTHERS ON THEIR TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY!  Being a Coach helps me help other people transform themselves.  I love being able to celebrate the small successes (like you avoided eating that doughnut in the break room) and helping you overcome what seems impossible (like that day the scale does not move after a week of strict clean eating and exercise).  I know. I have been there.  I have overcame those days.  I can help you overcome them.

Check out my own transformation.  Think about it.  Is today the day you begin your journey?

Let's do this!

<3 ya,

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