Monday, February 24, 2014


LOOK, I know that not everyone's cup of tea is working out. Not everyone enjoys it. I also know that eating healthy can be boring and bland. I GET IT. 

 I also know that feeling tired, sluggish and irritable is NO FUN either. I get that when you look in the mirror you don't see the real you. I get it that you don't have energy for your day and you would much rather come home from a day of work and watch TV on the couch and relax. I GET IT. 

 I work out every day because it gives my life that VIBRANCY that ZEST for living. No, everyday it is not easy for me to push play. No, it is not an easy thing to pass by the doughnuts in the break room but I do it. 

 Maybe going to the gym is not your thing? I GET IT. It really is not mine either. I waste so much time packing my gym bag, buying travel shampoo, and soap, taking my work clothes with me that inevitably get wrinkled and look awful all day, forgetting my towel AND my locker combo.... 

 That's why I LOVE working out at home. I SAVE TIME, energy, and my shower is MY SHOWER. I get to start my day off on the right foot and do something for me. 

 I also LOVE my online support and accountability group. I get to check in everyday with a group of people who are working to reach their goals as well. Do we always get it right every day, no.. of course not. But we are there to ENCOURAGE each other and motivate each other. IT REALLY DOES WORK.

 So is now your time? I dunno, that's your call. Maybe it's time to give YOU a change. Maybe it's time to do something for YOURSELF. Maybe it's time to TAKE BACK YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS. Maybe it's time to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE? 


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