Sunday, March 30, 2014

Grocery Shopping Day- 21 Day Fix

So this week I am going to change up my meals a little bit. Yes!  I eat the same thing every day for one week.  It is what I did when I was competing, and many people who compete do the exact same thing.  What makes this easy for me is weekly prep is super easy and takes the stress out of figuring out a bunch of different foods for the week.

Oh, I hear you.  You just are not one of those people who could eat the same thing every day...  Well, I never thought I was either until I found some yummy recipes that I don't get tired of and change them around week to week.  This really works for me.  I am having results.  And don't knock it 'till you try it!  I save time and money eating this way all the while I am burning up my body fat!  Common, wouldn't you like to eat this for lunch every day?  

21 Day Fix Approved Lunch
Turkey Meatballs
Roasted Fingerling Potatoes
Sautéed Asparagus, Zucchini and Broccoli
Last week I had seasoned ground turkey for lunch and while it was good, I had wished I was eating turkey meatballs so that's what I am cooking this week for my RED Container.  For my Yellow  Container I am going to have wild rice seasoned up with a little 21 Day Fix Seasoning ! Can you say YUM!?!  For my Green Container I am going to have Sauteed broccoli, zucchini and asparagus seasoned with some 21 Day Fix seasoning.  This is making me super excited for my lunches.  I love this food.  

Check out my meal plan for this week:

If you are making food that you are not excited about you need to change your game plan.  You wont succeed long term.  What makes this doable for me are the 21 Day Fix seasoning mixes that really transform my boring turkey into mouthwatering turkey meatballs.  Boring veggies into a fiesta of flavor! Here is my youtube video about these seasoning mixes and you can find the recipe for each of these on my blog!

Ok, now for this weeks shopping list!  Prices are broken down to a WEEKLY amount. 

Foster Farms Ground Turkey, purchased last week in a 4 pack.  COSTCO     $4.00
Organic Mixed Berries, frozen, purchased last week.    COSTCO                   $2.50 
Greek Yogurt, Large Fage 2% Tub.  King Soopers.                                        $3.25
Organic Bananas. COSTCO        (these are on sale for a steal)                       $1.19
Almond Milk. COSTCO.  Purchased in a pack of 3 last week.                        $1.75
Almond Butter. COSTCO. Purchased in a two pack a month ago, 2nd jar.      $3.80
Whey Protein. COSTCO. I use 1 bag every 6 weeks.                                     $6.60
Wild Rice. King Soopers. 1 small bag lasts for 2 weeks.                                  $2.50
Zucchinis. King Soopers. 5 small @1.79 pound                                               $6.95
Asparagus. COSTCO. 1 bunch                                                                       $3.20
Broccoli. King Soopers. 1 tub.                                                                        $2.50
18 Eggs. COSTCO                                                                                         $2.75
Canned Chili's. King Soopers 2 cans at .79 each                                              $1.58
1 small block of reduced fat Monterrey jack cheese. King Soopers                  $2.85
Roman Hearts. Pack of 3. King Soopers.                                                         $1.20
Tomato                                                                                                            $ .80
SUB-Total:                                                                                                     $41.63

There you have it folks.  All my food for this week shopped for under $50.00.  

If you add in my Shakeology it totals-                GRAND TOTAL                    $66.63

Weekly Grocery Buget
21 Day Fix Meal Plan for this week.  All the above for only $66.63 a week!

Can you see how affordable it is to eat clean AND afford Shakeology?  Totally doable on any budget. 

BUT you have to plan and BUDGET for your food and Shakeology.  

Fail to plan, you plan to fail! 

I'm not planning on failing.

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