Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Shopping List for the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan

Here is the funny thing. Fabio and I's Food budget for the week is about 100.00 for the two of us. We mainly shop Costco and King Soopers for what we need.

I hear all the time that eating healthy is too expensive. We eat pretty clean with the exception of a Saturday splurge (usually a frozen pizza)

Last Saturday, we purchased PROCESSED food... things like Cheezits, cookies, cereal, frozen prepared meals.... Not healthy at all filled with preservatives, artificial things.
Our bill last Saturday. $250.00.

Folks, eating for convenience (let's face it, we buy these things because they are quick and easy) is WAY MORE EXPENSIVE than buying simple ingredients and making your own food.

Here is my typical shopping list for one week's worth of food for my 21 Day Fix Meal Plan

1 pound Lean Ground Turkey (Foster Farms- Costco. This is a 4 pack or a month's worth ) $17.00/4=  4.25
18  Eggs (also from Costco) $3.75
1 Large Container of 2% Greek Yogurt, Plain (King Soopers) $ 3.85
1 Bag of Organic Frozen Berries (From Costco) $4.80
6 Small Zucchinis (King Soopers ) .99 pound or about $6.50
Bunch of Bananas (Costco) $ 3.65
3 Gallons Almond Milk, Unsweetened (Costco and this lasts for a month) $4.00 or $1 week
1 Jar of Natural Almond Butter (King Soopers for a month) $ 6.70 or $1.75 week
1 large bag of broccoli (Costco this lasts two weeks) $5.35 or 2.70 week
1 Bunch of Asparagus (Costco) $4.75
1 bag of Raw Almonds (Costco this lasts two MONTHS) $ 20.00 or $2.50 Week
1 Bag of Whey Protein (Costco this lasts TWO MONTHS) $ 39.95 or $5.00 Week
Quaker Oats (Costco big box with lasts 4 months) $8.00 or $1.00 Week

Total weekly budget for one person- $45.50 for me to eat healthy. 

Seriously People....  I am never buying the whole, "eating healthy is too expensive again."

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Here is the link to my meal plan Blog so you can see how and what I eat with the stuff I buy :)

Here is a link to my favorite ground turkey recipe- 21 Day Fix approved

21 Day Fix Meal Plan on a Budget


  1. Awesome. Looking forward to starting Fix while amidst P90X2, seeing what the rave reviews are all about.

  2. Really wish we had a Costco or anything like it down here!! $3.50 for 1/2 gallon of almond milk. :(

  3. Awesome.. We shopped at BJS wholesale club and bought a weeks worth (2weeks on some items) and spent around 90 for the 2 of us. All healthy stuff...8cups of grapes,5pound bag of apples, a big bag of grapefruit, 6 pounds of frozen veggies, bag of sweet mini peppers, cucumbers, 5pounds of chicken, bag of avocados, weeks worth of salad for 2, 5 tomatoes, big container of Greek yogurt, bag of baby carrots...if I bought that at stop and shop it would have cost me 2x that!