Tuesday, April 1, 2014


My business is EXPLODING and I need help!

Basics Bootcamp is starting April 7th.  Get on board now!!!

 I am searching for positive, energetic, and passionate LEADERS to work with me 1-on-1 over the next 90 days to learn how to build additional income from their home by helping others improve their health & fitness. With the explosion in fitness happening, I am selecting people to be on my 2014 Team of online coaches.

  Here's what's involved:

 - 10 hours per week ( required )

 - Online Training materials and tools provided (Be part of Top 10 Team in the network )

 - Join our Online support group - available 24/7

 - MUST have a passion for helping OTHERS ( required )

 - This is YOUR business with my support & guidance

 - MUST be self-motivated and driven to succeed ( this is for those serious about a change )

 - MUST commit to exercising and eating healthy

-18 and over from the US or Canada
I need you on my team to help end the trend of obesity!

 There is no guarantee of how much money you'll earn, that will totally depend on your level of productivity and relationship building. But I can promise you that the opportunity IS REAL and is totally yours for the taking. I had never done anything like this before yet I have been successful simply because I love helping others and have a great support system. The worst thing that will happen to you is that you'll get in really good shape and feel good about yourself.

 I'm NOT looking for someone who's trying to "get rich" with as little effort as possible. I'm looking for someone who's READY for MORE and is not a afraid to put in hard work, overcome fears, and grow as a person over an extended period of time. I'm NOT looking for someone who wants to "try it", I'm looking for someone who's ready to go ALL IN and crush it!

 2) FILL OUT this SHORT APPLICATION: http://ow.ly/sDZ24

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