Monday, May 12, 2014

P90X3 in OXYGEN Magazine!

Have you seen this?? This is pretty exciting to me! 

I loved doing the original P90X when I was preparing for my fitness competitions back in 2009. It helped me get into great shape... and in August of that year I was featured in Oxygen Magazine in their "Future of Fitness" column

So this is the 30 minute version of this workout. I have see the results and I am IMPRESSED with what 30 minutes can do to transform your physique! I think I am going to do this workout next!!!

Want to know more about it? Did you know it happens to be on sale this month??? 

Join with me in my online boot camp and we can get crazy results together!

You can check it out at

P90X3 - Getting you CRAZY results in 30 Minutes

Check out my results with the original P90X in my fitness routine :)  

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