Thursday, April 9, 2015

Plyo- Take Care of Your Joints!

The Surface You Jump on Impacts Your Joints!

The type of shoes you use and the surface of the floor you work out on is important and makes a difference when doing any kind of plyometric move.  

True story.

At home I use 2" wrestling mats to work out on. I have worked out to INSANITY and PiYo back to back and I have gone "all out". On these mats I work out bare foot. It strengthens my feet and I my form is always more correct barefoot. I always feel awesome after these workouts and I never have achy knees and hips.
I teach at two different gyms. One has a laminate wood floor with some give, the other is concrete floor with sheet vinyl over top, no give.
The day after teaching on the laminate floor, I can notice a bit of a difference in my hips and knees, but it isn't too terrible.
Days after teaching on the vinyl cover concrete floor my knees and hips still ache.
I use low profile almost barefoot shoe for both. Anything else and I chance rolling my ankle.
Tonight I am taking and teaching on my Beachbody Plyo Jump Mat to see if that makes a difference. I am sure it will. It is 1/2" thick and has a nice give and a nice surface to jump on for INSANITY.

Jump Mat from Beachbody- Also an excellent Yoga Mat

What do you use to minimize the impact on your joints while doing Plyo? Take care of yourself! It is important!

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